Rather than bore you with a typical About Me page, I thought it would be fun to share  an excerpt from a Rolling Stone Interview entitled Remembering Our Bold Future done with me in January 2019. Remember to create a Bold Future, you first have to see it happening. —Carl LaFlamme, January 2016.

Remembering Our Bold Future.


Catching up with Our Bold Future creator Carl LaFlamme is an adventure in scheduling in and of itself. After lots of messaging back and forth, we finally catch up with him at his beach home in Bradenton, Florida. And not a second too soon as he was packing for a conference in Vancouver BC.

We took up his invitation to come along for the ride.

LaFlamme had just gotten back from the first Our Bold Future Conference, in Sonoma Valley, CA. A Ted-talks-meets-South-by-Southwest like conference. But with a dollop of New Thought and a whole lot of wine and optimism about the future.

“Bolders” is the fond term for his community of future optimists. What they are is an eclectic group of proactive early adopters. People who embrace change and seek to capitalize on its opportunities. As a community, they adeptly use social media to quicken the awareness of the Next Big Thing.

And they’ve made an impact on the awareness of several new products and trends. Which might explain the theme of the first conference — The Future Happens Here.

The embracing change and the future movement is mirrored in LaFlamme’s meteoric rise. Our Bold Future blog and podcast launched in obscurity from his home office at the start 2016.

In just three short years, it had over a million followers. Attracting leading futurists, trendsetters, business mavericks, celebrities, thought leaders and legions of fans.

Before trumpeting the latest gadgets, scientific breakthroughs, and solutions impacting our future, LaFlamme was a successful copywriter, internet marketer, and network marketer. He’s also co-host of a no-holds-barred podcast called Carl and Mike. Where he and his long-time friend Michael Morris riff, rant and rave about politics, sex and religion over coffee. And an offbeat video podcast called 5?:5Min. Where they hold court as your favorite Twisted Uncles serving advice both silly and serious on love, dating, and relationships.

This eclectic group of experiences makes him well suited, in an odd sort of way, to being the pied piper of the future.

We sat with Carl on his private plane heading to Vancouver BC.

RS: How do you explain the phenomenon of Our Bold Future?

CL: “We live in exciting times and people are trying to absorb it all. I just tapped into that — being in the right place just a little bit before the right time and riding that wave.

RS: But how does one get to a little bit before the right time?

CL: Well with the rise of the Internet and the prevalence of digital technology, I saw, as others did, that we were moving into exponential times. Up until recently, and for our entire history, we lived and things evolved in a slower linear time…when 1, turns into 2, 3.

In the digital age things evolve exponentially, so now 1 becomes 2, then 4, 8, 16 etc. We’re past 1 becoming 2 in most areas and now 2 is becoming four and some industries are going from 4 to 8 and beyond.

Living in a time of rapid change that’s only speeding up, I saw the need for a place where people could go to stay on top of this change. And to get a glimpse of what’s on the horizon.

RS: Most future-oriented sites focus on how businesses can take advantage of what’s happening next in the marketplace. But you focus more on the individual. Why is that?

CL: Well An individual can create a billion dollar business today.

I call the website Our Bold Future, with an accent on “our”, because I want to encourage people to create their own bold futures. And to use the blog to empower them on exactly how to do that. So we share the cool stuff impacting our future during the week. Then on Sunday’s we focus on self-development — how to manifest your own Bold Future.

But I couldn’t have any credibility unless I did it myself first. So back in 2016, I also shared, in real time, my own bold journey from obscurity to a change agent with over a million followers.

RS: Yes, but how were you so confident that success would happen so quickly?

CL: If you recall from my original postings, I spent a lot of time imagining — remembering the future – if you will. Picturing what I wanted to create in the world, and affirming that it would happen quickly.

RS: Remembering the future, that’s an interesting term. How does one remember something that hasn’t happened yet?

CL: Well you’ve got to see the invisible to create the impossible! Over the years, I learned a lot about how the conscious mind and subconscious mind works. It’s just a matter of using your mind to think and create the future you want to experience. So when it happens it almost feels like something you remembered, which you did because you created your future, in the past (laughs).

One thing I love about all the change happening in the world is the change in consciousness that is going along with it. We’re literally quickening our own evolution and what we each are capable of accomplishing!

RS: Some people argue that you aren’t being realistic about the dangers and societal unrest all these changes could make in the world.

CL: Look it’s a normal initial reaction to fear change. And so yes a lot of people express fear about the future and about the speed of change. And of course, the media amplifies it, because well…fear sells.

On the Our Bold Future podcast, we address those fears. But also, share solutions in development to deal with those real problems.

Our Bold Future brings awareness to what’s happening out there and what’s coming. Awareness brings things to light. Our team offers a more positive outlook about what this exponential change can bring us. Because the reality is that we are taking some big evolutionary steps here. Steps that are making the world and our individual lives significantly better. That’s something to celebrate, not to fear.

Yes, there are challenges. But don’t forget our ability to meet those challenges grows exponentially as well. The human mind is amazingly flexible and people adapt — especially the younger generation.

RS: So what’s the future hold for Carl LaFlamme?

CL: We’ll I just got back from the first Our Bold Future conference which was incredible to gather so many change agents together. I love connecting with people who are positive and excited about the future. And we made some big announcements there. Including the latest developments in super computing and artificial intelligence. So there’s lots to share and I’ll be reporting that online and holographically in locations all over the world.

And I’m going to relax a bit and enjoy my favorite city in the world, Vancouver!

Then it’s on to 2020!

You know, the 1920’s were called the roaring 20’s — well hang on because the 2020’s are going to roar like never before. Quantum computing, cognitive science, nanotechnology, 3d and now 4D printing. It’s going to be fun living on the leading edge of it!

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