Our Bold Future. A Goal. A Hope. A Vision. A Wish.

Welcome to Our Bold Future.

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I’m Carl LaFlamme, creator of Our Bold Future.

Rather than getting into a long bio, I’ll simply say that I’m a techno-optimist, a future enthusiast, a seeker, and fellow traveler with a desire to use my gifts to make the world a better place.

I launch Our Bold Future with a goal, a hope, a vision and a wish.

Mind Over DigitMy goal for Our Bold Future is to keep you up-to-date on some of the truly amazing things going on in our world. To share discoveries, technologies, trends, products, people and solutions that promise to dramatically impact our future in a positive way.

It’s an old cliche to say that we live in interesting times. But it’s never been truer than today. Thanks to the digital age, we now live in exponential times. (Note: linear time  1, 2, 3, 4… exponential time  2, 4, 8, 16…) Which means things are changing at a pace never experienced before. And the rate of change is only going to speed up. With all the changes we’ve already experienced in our lifetimes, the future just gets bolder. We’re on the cusp of a world few of us could have imagined just a decade or so ago.

It can all be a bit overwhelming. Unsettling. Even scary at times.

Which brings me to my hope.

Welcome to Our Bold FutureMy hope for Our Bold Future is by increasing awareness of what’s hatching, soon to launch, or in the works, it can help lessen the fear some people have about the future. It’s no coincidence that most sci-fi movies present a dangerous future. It’s a reflection of our fear of the unknown.

Yet it’s good to remember that 99% of fear really is false evidence appearing real. And the way to dispel fear is to shed a little light on it. So that’s what I hope to do.

Another thing that gives me hope for our future is that despite any fear, it’s obvious that we are inherently driven to both create and assimilate change. Human thought regularly creates products and solutions that reduce or sometimes even obliterate, space and time. Extend human life.  We devise smarter and smarter devices.  Think of ways to go faster and farther. Solve problems big and small. Break through our boundaries to make the impossible possible. We push the human race forward.

And most of us are all too happy to buy those products.

I believe this inherent nature to evolve leads us to a better, more fantastic world then we have now.

My hope then is that Our Bold Future can lessen fear and increases the experience of awe, gratitude and optimism about our future.

But this blog can’t do that alone. Which brings me to the vision.

logo_future_newMy vision for Our Bold Future is that we create an engaged community to share all the positive solutions being created in the world that promises to impact our future. I’ll do my best to curate what I can, but I’m just one person.

If you know about an emerging trend. Or come across a new product, app or service. Read a great article, or have ideas of your own use our Contact Page to submit it to the blog. I also encourage you to comment here and/or on our Facebook Page. Share. Tweet. Like.

You see, together I believe we can use social media and other viral tools to impact the future by quickening the awareness and ultimately the adoption of the best ideas out there. Together we can help shepherd in the future by spreading its good news!

As Margaret Mead famously said, “never  doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

And finally, my vision for this blog also includes  helping you to create your own bold future.  We all have enormous power to shape our lives.

In the About Me Page, I posted an excerpt of a Rolling Stone interview with me in 2019. Three years from now. I did that to showcase the power of having a bold vision for your life. In sharing my journey here, I hope to inspire you to develop your own vision for your life. Remember, your thoughts form your future and our future as well. So you’ll see posts here on self-development and how use thought to create your bold future.

Which brings me to my wish.

Arched Doorway to Starburst SunMy wish for Our Bold Future is to make a positive difference in your  life. Every time you visit.

So I hope you’ll join us. Add our blog feed to your blog reader. Bookmark this page as one of your favorites. Like and follow us on social media. Sign up here to be keep updated as this blog, site and community evolves. Contribute your thoughts.

And with that let’s go boldly into Our Bold Future!

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